About Taste Buds

Get ready for the kitchen to become the coolest place in the house! Join Lily, Avery and their pal Matt as they explore the world of food. They have lots of help with a team of Taste Buddies, a futuristic network named Chillbot, and experts who can demonstrate how to do all kinds of things! From "steak-outs" to raps about wraps, the Taste Buds are foodies with a mission: to have fun with food!

Food, fun and friends are the main ingredients in this dynamic, innovative food series and engaging website which encourages kids to be food explorers and seek out new taste discoveries!

Taste Buds is a hands-on, live action food adventure series for kids that encourages them to think about what they eat and how to explore fun foods from the world around them. TastebudsTV.com continues this adventure with "how to" cooking methods, delectable recipes and gripping games. The result - a jump-start for kids and parents as they begin to cook and create together in the kitchen.

Learn and laugh along with the Taste Buds hosts, Avery and Lily, as they investigate how a recipe works. See food myths debunked with the help of the Taste Buddies: Science Whiz, World Traveler, Health Meister, History Buff, Jasmine, Penny and Tyler. Find the perfect kitchen trick to get the job done with the help of Taste Bud, Matt, in a fun and secure environment thanks to the wise Safety Elf.

Together, the Taste Buds team inspires kids not only to ask: "How did they do that?" but also to imagine: "I can do that too!"

Taste Buds and TastebudsTV.com aim to:

  • Fuel kids as they make healthy food choices.
  • Encourage kids to learn about different cultures through taste adventures.
  • Communicate kitchen safety and fun food facts to kids.
  • Encourage kids and parents to practice environmental savvy.

Taste Buds" creators believe that by providing information and tools for parents that engage their children in kitchen activities, their interest and knowledge in food and cooking grows. By fostering an open attitude to new experiences, expanding cooking vocabulary, and increasing food knowledge, the show and site extend the cooking experience beyond the couch and into the home kitchen. Taste Buds is the ultimate recipe since it combines parents, children, and fun. Together they embark on food adventures learning to cook and trying new foods for spectacular culinary treats. Bon appétit!